Bayou Cornes Feral Cats Need Help~
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Bayou Cornes Feral Cats Need Help~

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Bayou Cornes Feral Cats Need Help~

There are 2 main colonies of cats on the north side of Hwy 70 of Bayou Corne, and others scattered around. One year ago, there was probably an easy 100 cats. That number has dwindled down to around 50-60, as they have started roaming looking for food, and possibly poisoned by non cat people that consider them nuisances.

Both colonies were being fed by residents, but those residents have now evacuated, and some have left forever and are only able to come once or twice a week to feed them. One day, I was driving around late in the day, and was shocked to see how many were gathered at one evacuated residence, just waiting to be fed. That’s how I started feeding them, and began this journey to save them.

Although these cats have always been a part of this community, now that the community is basically void of people living there, the cats are more noticeable as they roam, hunting for food, and are being threatened. People are under the impression that if fed, cats will no longer hunt for mice, rats, snakes, etc. That is a myth.

It is my goal to keep them fed, hoping they will roam less until we can get them all through the TNR program, and possibly relocated, and maybe some adopted out. In just a few weeks, I am able to now pick up two, and pet several others. Sadly, many of these cats have also become dependent on human interaction. The people that were feeding them, and slowly having them TNRd, also loved these cats.

Seems it’s okay for chickens to roam free, and spread their wealth all over the community, but not these cats that have been there much much longer. Funny how that works.

Please share this video and Contact the local parish officials, and the Humane Society, and ask them why it’s okay for chickens to be roaming free in the neighborhood, but not cats. Demand that these cats be protected, and the harassment of those trying to care for them, be stopped.

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