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Best Costumes For Cats – Top Ideas For Cute Kitties

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Best Costumes For Cats – Top Ideas For Cute Kitties

The best cat costumes aren’t just cute, the cat will love them too!

But which one is right for your kitty?

And the most likely to stay on!

Dressing Up Your Cat

It’s fun to get dressed up, but not all pets appreciate our outfit ideas.

If you are at all unsure about whether your kitty will take to your ideas, pop down to the bottom of the page before you start shopping.

We’ve got some tips for getting them used to it, and ways to tell whether your dressing up days might be an entirely human affair.

But hopefully your cat will love costumes just as much as you do.

And boy, do we have some ideas to share!

Bolbove i’Pet Princess Floral Cat Party Bridal Wedding Dress

Is your kitty always a bridesmaid but never a bride?

This cat princess costume will change all that, and in a way that won’t restrict your kitty’s movements on her special day!

Choose from four sizes and two color combinations (black/white or yellow/white).

Rubies Costume Company Sushi Pet Costume

Is your cat always dreaming of sushi?

Make it a reality with this super-cute sushi costume.

I know, that’s a dog… But there are four sizes and cat owners say the “medium” size will fit a large cat.

Pet cat Halloween costumes

The years fly by so quickly these days that sometimes it can seem like Halloween is always just around the corner!

With these fun cat Halloween costumes for cats choices, you will never be caught unprepared when Halloween rolls around again!

Cat Witch Costume

If you have ever secretly (or not so secretly) wanted to dress your cat in a cat witch costume, your wishes have been answered.

This simple cat costume is easy to put on and comes in four sizes.

Or how about this adorable cat witch costume?

The cloak seriously adds to the look!

Idepet Funny Pet Clothes Pirate Dog Cat Costume

This cute cat pirate costume makes your cat look like he is standing up, since it fits around the chest and two front legs only.

It comes in four sizes.

Cat Shark Costume for Cats

This cute cat shark costume is tailor-made for the spooky Halloween holiday.

It comes in five sizes and is great fun too.

Cat Chewbacca Hoodie Costume

Star Wars is back in vogue, and with it so are Star Wars cat costumes.

These are three absolute classics you can’t pass up!

This warm and fuzzy Chewbacca Hoodie pet costume is easy to put on and cat owners say their cats look adorable in it.

You can choose from four sizes.

Cat Christmas costumes

Like Halloween, Christmas is always less than 12 short months away.

It is never too early to plan your cat’s special holiday attire, and these cat Christmas costumes are simply too cute to not try!

Pet Leso Cat Christmas Hat With Muffler

This easy to put on cat Christmas costume features a festive Santa hat and a matching muffler – cozy and cute!

It comes in one size only.

Lion Costumes for Cats

This super popular and highly rated cat lion costume is a blend of cotton and polyester that mimics the texture and look of real cat fur.

Cat owners rave over the results.

Unicorn Cat Costume

Unicorns are so “in” this year. Your cat will turn heads (both human and feline) in this unicorn costume for cats.

And any kids who happen to stop by will be thrilled with the result.

Random Costumes for Cats

Of course, there is a great deal of appeal to having something totally different to dress up in.

Even if the one doing the dressing up is the cat.

We love this pizza cat costume.

And finally what about this amazing octopus cape for cats.

You can’t get much more unique than that!

Cat superhero costume ideas

To you, your cat might be a superhero every day.

But at least once a year, these fun cat superhero costume ideas will let your feline be a superhero in real life.

Alfie Petby Petoga Couture – Dorsey Ninja Warrior Costume

This ninja cat costume turns your cuddly cat into a fierce warrior!

It comes in three sizes and features a simple wrap design that is easy to get on and off.

DC Comics Wonder Woman Cat Costume

This precious Wonder Woman cat costume features a dress with a tiara and comes in four sizes.

It is easy to get on and off and doesn’t restrict your cat’s movements in any way.

There are cat Christmas costumes, cat Halloween costumes, and a cat costume to dress your feline up to look like practically every superhero (or superheroine) you can think of.

So the real question here then becomes: but should you?

Dressing up cats

After all, just because somebody else puts their cat in a costume, it doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea.

What do feline experts say on the topic of cat costumes for cats and kitten costumes for cats?

If you decide to pick out cat costumes for your cat, are there any safety or comfort guidelines you need to be aware of?

Costumes for your cat – yes or no?

Here, we can hope each pet owner thinks carefully about their cat’s temperament, personality, health and safety before choosing their favorite kitty costumes for cats.

Cats are dignified beasts, and fastidious about their appearance – just think of all the time they spend grooming!

A lot of (in fact probably most) cats will not enjoy having their movement restricted by a costume, or being unable to wash.

That said, some cats are laid back to the point of horizontal, tolerant, mellow, perfectly happy to take one for the team on occasion in the spirit of being part of the family.

Many a docile cat raised with a young family as been dressed up as part of a childhood game.

And yet some cats simply won’t have any of it, and even getting dressed up in one of the best cat costumes out there is on a par with going to the vet for a teeth cleaning.

Safe cat costume ideas

Whether you have chosen a cat superhero costume or you are planning to dress your cat up in a Yoda cat costume this year, the most important thing is to do it as safely for your cat as possible.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t coerce a cat into wearing clothes it doesn’t want to!

Even a mellow cat can get freaked out by not being able to see or hear well, for example.

Here are some great safety guidelines offered by veterinarians and pet experts:

1. Check their senses

Always make sure your cat can see clearly, hear clearly, drink and potty without obstruction and move easily.

2. Make it a game

Practice putting the costume on and make it as fun as possible for your cat.

You can use treats or your cat’s favorite toys to make costume time feel like play time to him.

3. Pick your moment

Pick a quiet, secure place to practice putting a cat costume on and taking it off.

Make sure kids and other family pets are out of the way as your cat gets used to wearing a cat costume.

4. Keep an eye on them

Watch to see how your cat reacts once you have any part of the costume on.

Then watch again once you have the whole cat costume on.

Observe whether your cat seems okay or stressed out.

Always supervise your cat while in the cat costume.

5. Keep it short and sweet

If your cat is amenable enough to wear their costume long enough to take a photo, or join in opening the Christmas presents, perhaps consider that a win.

Don’t make your cat keep wearing a costume past the point when they stop enjoying it.

Best cat costumes for cats

What do you think of cats in costume?

What cat costumes appeal to you from this list here?

Do you have a favorite cat costume you have dressed your cat up in from year’s past?

Drop us a comment and tell us what cat costume is on your wish list!

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