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Biker Mix And Mingle- (A Jinaa Joint) Ver 1.0

Just For Fun

Biker Mix And Mingle- (A Jinaa Joint) Ver 1.0

As usual,
yours truly was late to leave home…..

{C’mon gimme a break, it was
Sunday..Lol . }

So as an obvious result, I arrived late
This clip is done from a purely biker perspective…for bikers… I left the recording of the days indoors events to the hired professionals….one of whom, I most certainly am not… Lol.

So went my
meet and mingle adventure.
It was such a trip meeting and interacting with so many fellow Kenyan bikers…
The organizer
Cyrus, did a fantastic job
and deserves
justified praise
for it.

There was a hairy incident on my way home which I will detail here.
Funny how it all happened on a particular day when I had opted to only use my helmet camera and not to include my usual rear view camera..

Clip Timer_21:09.

I overtake a mini bus taxi (known locally as a matatu)…I didn’t think anything of it…. Little did I know..

Clip Timer_ 21:20.

A “cager”/motorist was about to take a right turn…
One peek at the right hand side rear view mirror, and I saw to my horror,
the mini-bus I had just passed,
coming up HOT!!
On my Right !!!,
attempting to overtake me. .
I knew what the next move he would make was, once he saw the right turning motorist..

…duck left !!,

…my own exact option

…At that speed,

there was no way he could have avoided rear ending me.

I opted to brake hard and remain behind the right turning car

..Thank GOD my bike has ABS…

Clip Timer_ 21:20

That’s the bugger sneaking onto the left of the screen.. also my left,
exactly as I had predicted
…{excuse me a minute, close your ears :-)}
!%$**$#?”@ !!!!!…..

Aaaah! That’s better …. 🙂

Clip Timer 21:58

(oh?….so you thought it was over? awww how sweet of you)

That bag of beans with a burning carrot in his brain, lit off after me….Hard !!!

Who the heck is this twit ??

As I approached a major intersection/junction,
this guy had made me so nervous
that I did what I normally
do not do in city traffic……
I slipped past along the left edge, just to put some steel and plastic between myself
and this burning hunk of cats in a sack.

Clip Timer 22:51

UN-believably….this bugger followed after me as I took a left turn now towards home..not the normal route a mini-bus taxi would follow
…maybe he was on personal time..
who cares??
….so I just dusted him….
All he saw was tail lights
…and then

IDIOT !!!!!

Any way, I arrived
home safe and grateful to Almighty.

I hope you have enjoyed this

It was good for me….

Ride Safe
Good Brothers
And Sisters.

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