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CANNAZAPP – Episode 8

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CANNAZAPP – Episode 8

In episode 8, CannaZapp takes a closer look on some contradictions the global cannabis community has experienced and still faces today. For example, whereas cannabis is legal in one US state, it is still prosecuted in another. One news station in particular is holding on to its anti-cannabis propaganda despite widely spread scientific evidence proving them wrong. This purposeful disregard for scientific fact is irritating, funny, and sad at the same time.

CannaZapp is produced by Sensi Seeds and presents video segments from past and present day alike, in order to shed light upon those who have brought the cannabis plant to where it is today…

Please click on ‘CC’ to view subtitles in English, French, Spanish, German or Dutch.
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CannaZapp 8 links:

1-Cannabis legalised in Uruguay

2-‪BUSTED: The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters‬‬

3-‪Marijuana Is Now Legal In Colorado‬‬

4-‪Weed Is Legal in Alaska Starting Today‬‬

5-‪Asterix & Obelix Smoking Pot (Drugs in Cartoons)‬‬

6-‪Dog The Bounty Hunter Admits To Smoking Marijuana And Says Marijuana Should Be Legalized‬‬

7-Police Hotbox Prank from Whatever

Police Hotbox Prank from Whatever

8-‪Newman and Baddiel Live and In Pieces‬‬

9-‪Proof Marijuana Ruins Your Memory‬‬

10-‪The OMG Cat‬‬

11-‪CNN: Cannabis may treat memory loss‬‬


13-‪Best WTF Moments of the Year 2014‬‬

14-SensiBilisation: Tommy Chong – Tease

15-‪Vietnam War soldiers smoking weed‬‬

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