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Cat visits his kitty girlfriend every day


Cat visits his kitty girlfriend every day

Christiana said, “If Scottie sees us sitting on the porch from his lawn he walks over, politely uses the sidewalk, and waits hoping for her to come down.” And the world says that chivalry is dead—bah! Clearly they’ve never met Scottie.


It has been two years since these lovebirds first met, and they are still going strong. Each day, Scottie sits outside and waits for his beloved to appear, probably in one of her finest pink cat harnesses. The two sniff and stare at each other with the admiration of a human couple.


“Scottie really is the cutest ‘boy next door’ neighbor. All he ever really wanted was to join in and be pals… well… and maybe a quick kiss,” said Christiana. The heart wants what it wants, and Scottie’s heart was no exception to the rule!


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