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Goose the Cat of Captain Marvel Is Proof Ginger Cats Rule

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Goose the Cat of Captain Marvel Is Proof Ginger Cats Rule

With the release of Captain Marvel, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get a brand new star. No, not just the kick-ass superhero of the title, but a cat named Goose.

Captain Marvel’s Goose (aka Reggie) has been at the forefront of marketing for the film, from posters to merchandise and more. Which, frankly, delighted many of us here at Gizmodo Media Group who know one thing to be certain: Ginger cats rule.

So, to celebrate Marvel finally catching up to this revelation, may we present the ginger cats of Gizmodo Media Group (and Fusion Media).

To begin, here’s Socrates (also seen above, and pronounced So-crates, like in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure), who belongs to io9’s Deputy Editor Jill Pantozzi.

This guy is Danforth, and he belongs to yours truly, Germain Lussier, Staff Writer for io9. (He’s got a grey brother named Bolton and 100 points if you understand their names.)

Next, meet Tango Tangerine, who belongs to Maddie Stone, the Managing Editor of Earther.

This is Bacon Hamster Cheeseburger, one of two ginger cats owned by Kotaku’s Snacks Editor, Michael Fahey.

Our next superstar is Cinna, the adorable friend of Alanis King, a Staff Writer for Jalopnik.

Sriracha, aka the best ginger cat name ever, is “in charge of” Jalopnik Managing Editor Erin Marquis.

Giaco Furino, a Senior Writer for Studio@Gizmodo, wondered if Creamsicle was ginger enough for this article. And with a name like “Creamsicle,” the answer is obvious.

Okay so, technically Social Editor Caitlin Schneider doesn’t own Rajah and Aslan, her friend does, but look at these buddies and tell me they don’t need to be here.

Now, of all the cats here, Gus might be the Goose of the bunch. He’s a star. Look at this de-LIGHT-ful photo from Brian Kahn, Senior Reporter for Earther.

This one’s from Gizmodo Science Writer Ed Cara. Say hello to Cheddar.

Ginger cats aren’t just for Gizmodo Media Group to love, either. Our sister site the AV Club wanted in as well, so here’s Executive Editor Laura M. Browning’s cat, Monte.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Did io9 just use the occasion of a Marvel movie to make a whole post of cat photos on a science fiction and fantasy website? The answer, of course, is we abso-fucking-lutely did.

Captain Marvel, featuring the scene-stealing Goose, is out in theaters now.

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