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HAVANA – Camila Cabello by CATS | Despacito | Shape of you | + More BEST Hits – Cat Parody

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HAVANA – Camila Cabello by CATS | Despacito | Shape of you | + More BEST Hits – Cat Parody

Cats Singing Havana by Camila Cabello.
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More Cats Versions –

Cats sing Havana | by Camila Cabello – 00:00
Cats sing Despacito – 01:25
Cats sing Shape of you by Ed sheeran – 02:45
Cats sing Uptown Funk – 03:51
Cats sing Closer | by Chainsmokers – 04:48
Cats sing I don’t wanna live Forever | by Taylor & Zayn – 05:58
Cats sing wild thoughts – 07:51
Cats sing cotton eyed Joe – 09:02

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We are Milky (the white one), Punch (the black one) and Smady (the nasty one) and we sing our favorite songs.
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havana parody
camila cabelo
camilla Cabello
العجلات على الحافلة
Cats Parody
Singing cats
Cats version
Cats cover
Funny Cats
Gatos cantando
Version gatos
Versión Gatos
Gatitos lindos
Gatos graciosos
милые кошки
смешные котята
версия для кошек

verzija macaka
القطط الغناء
Котка Пее
Kočičí píseň
Kočičí verze
katte synger
katten zingen
Katten muziek
kassi laulda
Les chats qui chantent
kissat laulaa
Katzen singen
οι γάτες τραγουδούν
macskák énekelnek
gatti cantano
고양이 노래
kucing menyanyi
katter synger
koty śpiewają
pisicile cântă
мачке пјевају
Sjungande Katt
kediler şarkı
коти співають
חתולים שרים
Cute Cats sing Havana, Despacito, and all your favorite Pop Hits!

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