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I don’t want fish and chips Ep. 6

Just For Fun

I don’t want fish and chips Ep. 6

Hey kiddos, in this segment;
I am a cat,
We talk about Owl City
while Kate argues with Cody on the phone.

So our questions are,

What do you think Owl City is amazing or not?And whats your favorite song?

Do cats growl or hiss?

Whats you favorite flavored condom?And what are the purposes of condoms?

Any funny condom or naked stories, wanna share?

Met a cat that despises you??

Ever met someone so stupid they don’t know how to read a pregnancy test?

Good bands we should know about?

Any thats what she said jokes?

Do you every make random whiskers out of make-up?

Favorite condom brand/s???

Love you guys

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