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So here it is! My new film about wonderful cotton bags from IamBAG. They are made of really quality fabrics and I had a pleasure to work with them during filming. It was so funny to recreate bags but only in small dimensions. The heroes brought me so much fun too! Especially bears and cats. Thanks to creator of these bags for providing me with all the stuff and discussing the idea of the film. Music was written again by my favourite composer, who is luckily is my husband at the same time. I’ve spent 2 months in total for filming and making all the objects. I had a great fun and I really want to continue. My next short will be a music video! Such a challenge. Never done this before. I am going to make it with oil colours on a glass in style of avant-garde paintings. The music will be from my wonderful ChapskayaMusicGroup. Thanks to all my friends for their advice and also big-big thank you to Janet Doxey, who helped me so much with voice recording.

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