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Meet Hashtag!

Hashtag’s adoption fee is half off through the month of November!

Yes, we realize Hashtag, or #, may be a funny name for a dog, but a dog’s gotta keep up with the times, right? Hashtag is a sweet dog whose family fell on hard times and had to bring him to the Shelter. He’s very well mannered and easygoing and should be an easy addition to most any home. He gets along well with dogs, has lived amicably with cats and he’s just a nice relaxed dog! We feel he’d be happiest without a lot of loud activity in his new home, he’s a bit on the sensitive side, but he loves attention and would love to cuddle and watch some good television with you. We’re hoping Hashtag will have a short stay with us and bring lots of happiness to his new home.

Music by: “Pony” by Gillicuddy (

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