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More Than Jumps

More Than Jumps, featuring the most legendary Parkour & Freerunning dedicated tour through europe!
Summary: ApeConnection, More Than Jumps Tour 2010, Official Release!

Sorry for keeping all of you waiting, but here it is now, the full release of More Than Jumps! Tell your friends, neighbours, dogs and cats!

Musiclist is in the credits! Special Thanks to all our sponsors, family and friends who made this tour possible!

You DEFINITELY have to make sure to subscribe to our VIMEO channel for further unreleased footage from the tour – featuring interviews with athletes, funny outtakes and more actionshots!

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• Website: __

• Direction and Production:ApeConnection
• Concept/Idea: ApeConnection
• Editing: Christoph Wisser, Raphael Rossi, Tunc Leech Uysaler
• Color correction: Tunc Leech Uysaler
• Operator: Christoph Wisser
• Additional Operator: Raphael Rossi, Nico Wlcek, Patrick Morawetz
• Sound: See credits at the end!
• Camera: Canon EOS 7D, Sony PMW-EX1
• Software: Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, After Effects
• Special Thanks: Red Bull Austria

P.S: We meant to write LAKE and not SEA 😀

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