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Naperville banning sales of dogs, cats from commercial breeders

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Naperville banning sales of dogs, cats from commercial breeders

NAPERVILLE, Ill. — Naperville is banning commercial breeders from selling dogs and cats in the western suburb.

The suburb’s new ordinance goes into effect Jan. 1, 2021 and pet stores will no longer be allowed to buy from puppy mills.

Kerin Thomas Smith has been fighting Naperville City Council for five years, and on Tuesday, the animal rights activist finally got her way.

“We’ve been to so many council meetings we’ve been so hopeful and have been disappointed every time and just the stars aligned last night,” she said.

In a 5-4 vote, Naperville City Council members approved the commercial breeder ban, also known as the Humane Ordinance.

The decision was years in the making and finally came after dozens of people pushed for an ordinance that prevents Naperville stores from selling pets from puppy mills.

However, opponents questioned whether it would have an effect on irresponsible breeders.

The new ordinance will impact two naperville stores: Happiness Is Pets and Petland.

Carl Swanson, the owner of Petland, said he was disappointed in the vote.

He released the following statement:

“As expected, I am disappointed in the results of the vote by Naperville City Council. A Naperville business of 28 years will be forced to change to a business model that has been proven to fail and this will cause the importation of more unregulated rescue and shelter dogs into Illinois. I feel for the thousands of people in Naperville that visit our store and enjoy our purebred puppies that will now turn to the unregulated internet to fill the ever growing demand. We have been completely transparent in our sourcing of purebred puppies, we only work with the best USDA breeders, and we have shared repeatedly that we have a unique business model that cannot adapt to the big box store approach. This vote was reached based upon emotional conjecture and accusations by animal rights groups that had little to do with the truth.”

“I have a business, I understand business but the reality is businesses do change the do change in respect to what their customer base is,” Patty Gustin, City Council member said.

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