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‘Peace Island’ Is A New Open-World Game That Lets You Roam Around As A Gang Of Cats Solving Mysteries

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‘Peace Island’ Is A New Open-World Game That Lets You Roam Around As A Gang Of Cats Solving Mysteries

Role-playing game (RPG) is the archetype of modern gaming because every game now belongs to this genre. With super-realistic virtual environment, cool avatars to choose from, and exciting story lines, we can now wave goodbye to our boring real world. While RPG characters with bad-ass skins and destructive powers are a popular choice, some still prefer to tone their games down a bit. If you’re one of the low-key gamers who would rather play a relaxing game  than engaging in turbulent combats, then Peace Island might be the best RPG for you.

Developed by Eric Blumrich, Peace Island (as the name implies) is a non-violent video game. Instead of using high-powered characters as avatars, the game features a group of nine adorable cats as the main characters. So, what does it take for a group of defenseless felines to survive in a video game? These cute characters don’t have any laser power or any magical spell to save their lives. But each of them has unique set of skills and specific personality traits that you can utilize when a problem calls for it. Your mission is to cleverly use each character’s skill to explore the tranquil island and solve mysteries. And the biggest mystery to solve is the sudden disappearance of the human residents of Peace Island.

The story begins with the cat character Elizabeth. She wakes up one morning to find out that her owner is nowhere to be found. As Elizabeth comes out from her apartment, she finds the entire place in eerie silence without a single human present anymore. So, where have all the humans gone? That’s the mystery that you have to solve.

The main concept of this open-world game is to allow the gamers to explore a peaceful world from a cat’s perspective. Along the way, Elizabeth will encounter other animal characters including the other eight protagonists. Elizabeth will later meet Gary (the island store cat), Boy (the mayor’s cat), Calinaigh (a stray cat), Girl (musical cat), Anin (independent cat), Zack (the oldest and wisest among the group), Ronan (tiny and agile), and Sushi (boat cat and ferry greeter). Once you’ve unlocked these characters, you can switch to and fro the avatars at your own will.

Together with your feline friends, you will need to explore the entire island to find clues that the humans have left behind. You’re free to enter over 50 buildings to gather evidences and artifacts that may lead you to the truth. You’ll also meet other animals on the island. Gain their confidence in order to unlock new side quests and acquire safe passage to other communities. Be careful though, some animals may not be as friendly as you think.

Peace Island features a game world comprising of four distinct communities – Peace City Landing, Greenwood Farms, Ellison Heights, and LaFlamme Fishworks. Take your time and stroll the entire island with your gang on your own pace. There’s no time limit to meet so no pressure on your part. Feel the realistic weather of the virtual world in day/night cycles and you can stop any time to enjoy the beautiful surrounding. When you need some time to contemplate, you can gaze upon the moon and admire the night sky.

The Peace Island is based on Peaks Island, Maine as Blumrich also considers it as a personal homage to the beauty of Maine Islands. In order to make this video game a reality, Blumrich would need to raise funds. So, he set up the campaign on Kickstarter and Patreon so he can make our ultimate dreams come true. According to the fundraiser, the game is currently under development for PC, Mac, and Oculus VR systems.

Watch the game Kickstarter video below

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