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Playful Walking Exploration (with Cat)

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Playful Walking Exploration (with Cat)

I sure had fun exploring walking post session with a client today.
“Walking backwards is often a simpler pattern, because it is homolateral,” I suggested.
“Is that why it always feels so different!” She exclaimed, and then asked: “Can you walk backwards contra-laterally?” She tried it. So did I. (My cat helped. I brushed my head against some honeysuckle and jasmine vines.)
I sure have trouble–I can swing my arms opposite, but does that really count? In fact, its hard to even do what I think I am doing when I walk backwards!
How about you?
When you walk forwards and backwards pay attention and see what you do. Do you keep your head centered, and walk contra-laterally (opposite arm and foot lead, sense of this through your trunk)–or just swinging your arms, head centered, but your trunk is quiet–or do you feel a little side to side movement through your head. What happens if you try to walk with your head centered? Do your arms swing the same amount? Is your walk easy? What’s your pattern today?

In a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson, questions like this lead to further exploration, experiments with new ways of movement, epiphanies of self-awareness, and then an expansion of the possibilities of how we move. That would mean, in this case, an easier, more enjoyable walk! Come try it out!

Tuesdays 7-8pm, beginning February 19
Wise Orchid Taijiquan & Qigong
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PS: You may remember Monty Python’s Bureau of Funny Walks sketch, or maybe that’s just me. And although these walks aren’t that funny–well, I laughed.

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