Romeo “A Silly Dog” Available for Adoption
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Romeo “A Silly Dog” Available for Adoption

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Romeo “A Silly Dog” Available for Adoption

Romeo is a funny dog with a show-stopping under-bite. Romeo loves people and children more than anything else on earth. A consistent schedule will make his fine qualities shine. He gets along with other dogs and dog-loving cats. His favorite past time is hanging out with people, he makes a great running partner or can be content hanging out with humans. Romeo adores children and does not have a mean bone in his 20 lb. body.

To keep Romeo from looking like a Wookie he will require grooming every 4-6 months. Romeo has hair not fur which means he doesn’t really shed at all!

Romeo is a 5 to 6 year old healthy terrier mix. Like most terriers Romeo is a great watch dog and will bark when someone is at your door or at other loud noises outside the home. At some point in his life, someone was not happy with him exhibiting this natural dog behavior and they bound his muzzle shut which left permanent scars on his snout. Romeo has been known to quiver and pace occasionally and he has earned the nick-name “Nervous Nelly”. However, Romeo is like a fine wine, he gets better with age and time. If any of this bothers you, Romeo is not the dog for you no matter how cute you think his under-bite is!

Romeo would love a home in a quieter setting. He needs a friendly, firm, and patient human who will help him explore and transition to his new surroundings. Being an only “fur child” – at least at first – will certainly speed up the process but is not a requirement.

Romeo knows basic obedience and is crate trained. This silly little dog would be a great addition to your family. He is healthy, fully vaccinated. Romeo is available for $200.00 adoption fee. He is currently being fostered in a busy Chicago neighborhood. If you would like to meet Romeo, please submit an adoption application through or contact for assistance.

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