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Stop Cooking Dogs and Cats Alive With Blow-Torches | Animal Petitions

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Stop Cooking Dogs and Cats Alive With Blow-Torches | Animal Petitions

Target: Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia

Goal: Shut down market where acts of brutality, including blow-torching cats and dogs alive, are ongoing.

The so-called Extreme Market in North Sulawesi in Indonesia has become notorious for subjecting dogs and cats to horrific cruelty, including bludgeoning them over the head and using blow-torches to cook them while they are still alive. All of this is taking place in the open, in plain view of children, tourists and other passersby, despite Indonesia’s pledge to stop the cat and dog meat trade. Demand that this needless brutality be brought to an immediate end.

Investigators from Dog Meat Free Indonesia, an animal welfare organization, have been working hard to push Indonesia toward a total ban on the sale of dog and cat meat in this Southeast Asian country. Earlier this year, it seemed hopeful that these innocent animals would at last be protected when president Joko Widodo said that such a ban would be imminent. Yet the Extreme Market continues to operate, using its infamy to attract tourists who are looking for the shocking or the bizarre.

We must ensure that the new ban is enforced and that markets such as these and made to stop their rampant cruelty. Sign this petition to demand that the Indonesian government shut down the Extreme Market and similar operations immediately.


Dear President Widodo,

The Extreme Market in North Sulawesi is bludgeoning and using blow-torches on living cats and dogs, many of them stolen pets from local neighborhoods. The animals are being tortured and killed in plain sight, often in front of tourists who visit the market for its shock value. In light of your country’s recently announced ban on the cat and dog meat trade, it is necessary that this cruelty be brought to an immediate end.

This bloody spectacle is not only barbaric toward animals, but poses a serious public health threat as well, given the fact that rabies can be transmitted via an animal’s bodily fluids. For the sake of these creatures and for everyone’s well-being, you cannot allow this market to continue its operations. Please protect Indonesia’s innocent dogs and cats and shut down this market along with any others that subject animals to such needless suffering.


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