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Testing 4G Cellular Network

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Testing 4G Cellular Network

Imagine – You take a smartphone into your hand, and just want to view funny cats on youtube. Suddenly, the video buffers and stops playing… Being a cellular network base station manufacturer, makes you need to learn, what has gone wrong. In order to do that, you have various tools. Starting with a smartphone and a smartphone-simulators, going through base stations, all the way down to core network and/or its simulators. By the time you have all those elements in test lab, you encounter problems that can be seen only in field trial…

TReceive insight into such problems as:

-Embedded SW testing
-Complicated product
-Complex environment
-Reliability assurance
-Fast time-to-market with high SW quality
-Cellular network testing methodologies

Having described this arsenal of tools, we would also like to show you some of our strategies. These were applied for quick introductions of new products into demanding telecommunication market. We will share what challenges we coped with and how did we deal with them.

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