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the [mac]umentary: extras

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the [mac]umentary: extras

A long while back, I put together a pretty nice DVD package containing two discs. One had the film on it, and the other had a bunch of extras, like a mini doc on my obsessively working on the film and also some deleted sequences. But then the post office lost a very important box full of DVDs, and the beautiful and painstakingly-designed DVD boxes were in it. 🙁

For a variety of reasons I just never got up the interest to remake them, so while everyone got to seethe film streaming here on Vimeo, nobody err saw the extras.

Well here they are in all their glory! It’s pretty much the 5-year anniversary of the summer that started it all, do it only seemed appropriate to upload this package now. I do have some wild ideas about someday reframing the whole film back to its native 4:3 aspect ratio, but don’t expect that to happen anytime soon as I currently can’t find all the source materials! Ahh well, perhaps it’s for the best.

But for now please enjoy the extras – they reminded me what a fun project this was!


Chapter Headings

00:00 Intro/Camera Angst
02:22 Byron’s Vlog Entries
22:07 The First “[mac]umentary” Screening w/Trisha, Erin, Jarusha, Angelica and Byron

29:19 Deleted Scenes
29:30 Trisha’s Not Getting Paid By MTV
29:55 Pool Party At Trisha’s House
32:00 Glorious Day Off In Albany
34:28 The Many Quotes of Joey
36:12 “Funny Cats”/Costume Ladies, Tapping and Makeup
38:10 Disney Night Rehearsal
39:32 “Jack” Costume Meeting
40:30 The Homo/Hetero Olympics
43:14 Playing At The Chatham Middle School Playground
44:47 Olga’s Baby/The Columbia County Fair
46:37 Work Call
47:49 Drinks at The Turnpike Inn

48:35 Trailer #1
53:07 Trailer #2
56:01 Final Trailer

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