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The New Truth, Be Told, Better than Hollywood series 42 No.2 the second Tribute to Andy McCloud

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The New Truth, Be Told, Better than Hollywood series 42 No.2 the second Tribute to Andy McCloud

The New Truth Be Told,,” Better Than Hollywood series 42 1- liner notes by Steve Habib| the second Tribute to Andy McCloud live at The Terrace with Marvin Bu Ga Lu Smith, John Esposito, Lew Scott and Steve Habib
and bugalu’s drum crew

Steve Habib We all knew Andy McCloud was on the bandstand with us. Afterall, THIS WAS A TRIBUTE TO HIM and no one else. We were there to honor him, a gentle soul with a giving loving heart. The story Marvin told between songs brought tears to my eyes as I listened to him tell about the walk to the store with Andy when they took a break at Andy’s last gig on May 17th at FAT CATS in NYC. Andy was tired according to Marvin and George Braith both were a bit concerned about him but Andy never complained. He was always about JOYFULNESS and GIVING OF HIMSELF. Andy McCloud III was an ICON in Jazz. A gifted,talented bass player,composer,friend to all and an inspiring influence on his peers. This Part 2 of HIS TRIBUTE shows his influence on us all as we shared the joy with each other that Andy gave us all through his musical participation. He is still here and present. Simply sit back and allow HIS POWERFUL BUT GENTLE SPIRIT TAKE YOU OVER THE WAY IT DID TO US. I can attest to that as I can’t remember a thing that happened on the bandstand except the wonderful feeling I had sharing with my brother musicians the gift of ANDY’S PRESENCE with all of us. The music was SWINGING HARD BUT YET HAD A VERY SPECIAL, LOVING PRESENCE TO IT. It all happened IN THE MOMENT, UNREHEARSED and TRUTHFUL without any premeditation. John Esposito and Lew Scott blended so well together and Marvin’s special joy was felt by me all night long. The four of us had a great time sharing and that’s what Andy always wanted to see happen on a bandstand. To him, the bandstand was a place to “BREAK BREAD, just like sitting down with family and enjoying a meal together, giving to each other,discussing through the music without using words. Funny, here I am, a musician/journalist and I’m using words on this paper/computer but yet I have the opportunity to write about this as an insider because I am there in the very CENTER OF IT ALL while it’s happening and there we are sharing and playing TRIBUTE TO ONE OF JAZZ MUSIC’S ALL TIME GREATS: Mr. ANDY McCLOUD, III There are so many more videos with Marvin, John Esposito and others that were recorded and Marvin said he will continue to post them and also show photos of Andy. There will be many more stories to tell down the road but I can say this, that all of us here with Marvin will continue to keep Andy’s SPIRIT MOVING because that’s what JAZZ IS ALL ABOUT for FAMILY,FRIENDS and LISTENERS. JAZZ IS ABOUT COMPASSION, LOVE,JOY, PEACE, SHARING and MOST IMPORTANT, GIVING and NOT LOOKING FOR ANYTHING IN RETURN EXCEPT SMILES ON PEOPLE’S FACES. A BEAUTIFUL EVENING WAS EXPERIENCED and
was documented forever in all of our hearts. OUR FRIEND ANDY GAVE US THE JOY and SMILES THAT WILL LAST MARVIN,JOHN,LEW and MYSELF forever and ever. I hope that students and those that didn’t know or experience Andy can now listen to this performance and share something about him that we did, HIS LOVE OF ALL PEOPLE!
By Steve Habib

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