The new Truth be told, “BETTER THAN HOLLYWOOD” Series`36, N0.1&2 liner notes by Steve Habib
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The new Truth be told, “BETTER THAN HOLLYWOOD” Series`36, N0.1&2 liner notes by Steve Habib

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The new Truth be told, “BETTER THAN HOLLYWOOD” Series`36, N0.1&2 liner notes by Steve Habib

The Truth be told, “BETTER THAN HOLLYWOOD” Series`36, N0.1&2&3, liner notes by Steve HabibShare
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The Truth be told, “BETTER THAN HOLLYWOOD” Series`36, N0.1&2&3, liner notes by Steve Habib

Yeah the drum lesson’s really work just check my students part of the show why keep thowing money away just call Marvin bugalu smith at

And do
Listen to our New radio show with host Steve Habib on
with Steve Habib and Marvin Bugalu Smith hear them live
Truth be told!
“BETTER THAN HOLLYWOOD” Series`36, N0. 1&2&3

This concert is 1:01 second of kick A$$ music videos not to be missed this is truly the way to teach the younger Generations here on earth play by example’s this is truly compassion

The winter time in my students lives on the drums, Always turns into spring time in my students lives, on the drums., this is my Promises and I always keep my Promises
Baba for music, stories and for progress of students
to see the studio click on Compassionate Sound & Motion Recording for bugalu’s top 15 videos and new recording studio
click on Compassionate Sound & Motion Recording

for bugalu total videos 503 for Malcolm Cecil (Bass)

I just mixed the Tuesday night jazz jam session May 4th.2010- Master Baba Marvin Bugalu Smith (Drums), Colin Pohl, (Sax), Malcom Cecil (Bass) Plus: Bugalu’s Drum Crew and other special guests
Neil Alexander Synathsizer, and Vito Sparanza, trumpetAnd all I can say about this concert is it’s a must see

Steve Habib wrote: Yes,yes,yes MASTER BABA MARVIN, the students must kick ass everytime they play and NOT take the gift of TIME for granted. It’s their chance to get on the bandstand and make a powerful statement of what they have learned from you and their own individual life. They must dig real deep inside themselves and find HARMONY,HARMONY,HARMONY and play those drums to heal the sick and hungry of the world!
In this series Master Baba Marvin Bugalu Smith (Drums), shows how to use these elements on the bandstand

The Complete Avatars of Sound – All 5 Parts by Marvin “Bugalu” Smith


Earth motion

Earth motion = the mother drum or bass drum the woman female

nature and all drums in general

This motion also involves people on the bandstand that live here on earth

As people live and play the drums here on earth and enjoy it’s mystical Benefits

The sound of your bass drum and any low tom toms or hi toms

Now to understand how to use this power, First hit a cymbal / cymbals with the bass drum

HEAR the explosion in the sound, this is the sound of the Earth.


Wind motion

Wind = cymbals played with out the bass drum

Now hit a cymbal / cymbals with out the bass drum

Wind = cymbals with no bass drum

This light high sound is the sound of the Wind


Water motion

Water = Motion

To Becoming the shape of what is heard in the music; this element could take a little time to develop

As becoming the shape of what is heard is using the feelings deep inside oneself when this inner feeling becomes one with that which is felt? On the bandstand then the motion of water is complete this can be heard when the band is playing very well and then the music and players play very

intuitive together. As if they know what the other guy is going to play before he plays it.


Fire motion

Fire = intuitive potential

Fire = cymbal choice and Knowing what cymbal to use in the mix of music when the moment is right

and to stay on that cymbal for however long is needed.

In the mix of the music this is also the snare drum and rim shots played on it at the right time.


SPACE motion

SPACE = The Most Important Element

The Most Important Element of all, because all sound comes from space itself.
Space is the GREAT potential sound, just waiting to happen.
When we play this music we can play it in many different ways because of the space.
Space is sound unheard in consent motion all around us.
Learning all the many different ways of how to hear AND play the space is my life’s work. Many times in this performance I drop my sticks you see me drop the sticks but the timing in the song keeps on going
and going and going this is the use of space on the bandstand

Your teacher… Bugalu

The GREAT young master drummer Gene Jackson said
Marvin, It’s great to hear you are still out their doing it. I remember the times you would come through Berklee practice rooms and laying down the LAW in raw form blowing my mind and showing me where I need to go. Your inspiration from that time is a permanent part of my memory that’s fuels me to play. I really feel blessed to have been influenced by witnessing cats like you, Lenny Nelson, Billy Hart, Alan Dawson, Greg Mcdonald, play during my Berklee years.. Not to mention my peers and good friends like, Tain, Smitty, Tommy Campbell, Billy KIlson, Ron Savage, Cook, Damon Duewhite, Ronnie Burrage , Ralph Petterson, Terri Lynn, Cyndi Blackman, and whoever else I left out, You know who you are!!

Charles Telerant wrote; “Sometimes Marvin sounds more Elvin than Elvin”–Phil Stewart
It’s a funny statement but I know exactly what he means. Marvin figured out much of what Elvin was doing decades before everyone else kinda did. I first saw him in ’74 at Grant’s music in L.A.- mind blowing. I’ve been asking about him since then: finally, his ex-student Jacob Melchoir mentioned his name and I almost hit the ceiling. He has as good as it gets in regards to drum sound.

Now this group that came together to play this very wonderful night of music is very mystical group
because I only asked to play with me Malcolm Cecil bass and
Colin Pohl tenor sax, Vito Spranza trumpet, and Neil Alexander just came by so this group was born

Colin Pohl tenor sax he is a lot of fun to play with Colin bring to the bandstand a warmth of sound and a wisdom of all the cords in the song that he’s playing he also brings lots of positive energy and great Harmony in sound vibrations

Malcolm Cecil bass is a National treasure 10 years ago when I met Malcolm Cecil ever time we played some music together, it was always magic, something beyond words to describe he not just a great master bass player
He iis a grand master of Tai Chi Chung and he is also the recording Engineer, with Stevie Wonder on Innervisions in which he played Bass, Producer, Engineer, Associate Producer, Synthesizer Programming
Malcolm Cecil at 73 years old is just beyond words he is just a must see.

Vito Spranza trumpet I met Vito for the first time when I lived in Italy over 30 years ago he is a power house of a trumpet player, I just love to playing with Vito because of the way he plays the Rhythm he’s very exciting to play with he’s also a member of the Very famous West Point jazz knights band at west point

Neil Alexander synthesizer, Neil plays jazz music with a whole new sound on his piano that’s why I call his piano the piano from A to Z because with his piano he can play a add New flavor such as he doze at this concert Neil keeps the tradition alive in the music with his deep understanding of the cords and harmony
he is just a pleasure to grace any bandstand

Steve Habib wrote: New Truth Be Told, Better Than Hollywood, SERIES 36 Tonight we have the pleasure of having Master Vito Sparanza join us on the trumpet along with Neil Alexander, Malcom Cecil and Colin Pohl.
The smooth,grooving feeling that prevails throughout the evening is a result of the strong communication that the musicians have established with each other. There’s NO EGO present and their only concern is to being JOY to each other and the listeners present and YOU, who might be listening and watching this on video. The PROOF is actually happening right before your eyes and ears. There’s no room for any bullshit, they’re playing because of TRUTH and they’re healing the sick and feeding the poor. They’re helping people start to feel better when times are difficult and they’re showing musicians how to become like wind,water,earth and fire! I played with Vito many times and I must say that He’s ON FIRE here along with Malcom Cecil,Colin Pohl and Neil Alexander as they trade and blend CLUSTERS of COLORFUL EXPRESSIONS all night long. On Green Dolphin Street is one of my all time favorites and Marvin’s solo work here is explosive and extremely heart-felt. I enjoyed the sensitive,harmonic statements that Malcolm Cecil played. Neil Alexander played some of the most beautiful notes that I’ve ever heard him play. The Tenor player, Colin Pohl has a nice tone and gentle delivery. His sound is very pleasing to the ear. This is the first time I’ve ever listened to him other than with some of the student tracks of the past. Marvin has a unique way of drawing such deepness out of each player and that is exactly what he is trying to teach the students. He demands that each student play their own life experience, not someone else’s. I continue to applaud the work of Andrew Greeney, Kesai Riddick and the drum crew on their VIDEO and AUDIO captures which make these sessions so easy to follow because it’s just like being there when you watch and listen to these tracks.

Marvin has taught them how to be their unique self and express it and he has shown them the secret of how to apply slilence and how to sound like the wind, become the earth,become like water and develop THE FIRE, the energy, THE FLOW! It’s all there, now they must continue to express it and NOT WORRY ABOUT TECHNIQUE! Elvin used to always tell us, “GET TO THE SHIT ANY WAY YOU CAN and PLAY YOUR ASS OFF”!

More to follow…
HABIBMaster Baba Marvin Bugalu Smith (Drums),
Malcolm Cecil bass
Colin Pohl tenor sax
Vito Spranza trumpet
Neil Alexander synthesizer

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