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The Will Of The Cat

Sprite believes in refreshing positivity. So much so that the current campaign it’s called #iloveyouhater, pleading for positivity even against all odds, in front of prejudice, in front of adversity. Like bullying. A still – unfortunately – omnipresent phenomenon youngsters have to face daily.
We’ve consulted several anti-bullying charities for guidance and found that there are more mental techniques to lessen the impact of bullying.
So, we came up with ‘The Sprite School of Mental Martial Arts’ idea. A series of fun & useful radio spots, that’ll inspire youngsters to better cope with bullying.
The character, this special martial art master, who gives the advice is an old, eccentric and slightly strange Japanese man. The dialogue is written to make him come across as kind and caring, but also unpredictable and quirky-funny enough to make the ads engaging.

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