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zach primrose tribute

This tribute is in loving memory of Zachary Michael Primrose. Zach was loved and cherished so dearly by everyone who knew him. He was so intelligent, ambitious, funny, witty, cultured, athletic, delightfully sarcastic, introspective, objective, everything in between, and truly a man of integrity and humility. He never took short cuts in life, always taking the road less traveled, working harder than anyone, and loved his family more than anything in life. He was an honest man and a pure soul. His remarkable character was evident to everyone around him, whether it was through his compassion towards animals or his work ethic at school and at work. He was truly an example to all around him, always striving to do what was right and meeting every challenge head on, making no excuses and being grateful for everything he had. Men like Zach are far and few and he has truly touched the lives of so many, more than he’ll ever know. The world was a better place with him and will suffer a devastating loss without him. He was taken from us too quickly and we will always be eternally grateful to have been a part of his life.

He was a recent graduate of Syracuse Law, having spent his first year at Seton Hall Law, and was working as a licensed attorney in Central New York. He was known for being a gifted football player and wrestler and known to all as a lovable joker who knew how to make everyone laugh. His education did not end with school- he spent virtually all his free time reading about politics, animals, nature, plant species, world history, anything and everything he could learn about. He was truly an intellectual but also loved to work with his hands as he worked with his father for many years in construction in addition to his hobbies of wood working, guitar building and fixing up muscle cars. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone as well-rounded and multi-dimensional as Zach. He was a man of so many talents and opportunities, but family was always the most important thing to him. He revolved his entire career and future around his family, making sure his opportunities never took him too far from home. In addition to graduating from law school and passing the bar exam, he helped to build his family’s beautiful home and tended daily to his vegetable garden. He loved animals and had frequent little visitors that he took care of. He could always be found feeding birds, leaving food out for the local cats, he even built a mini castle for the bats in his backyard. Even though he had a rough exterior, he had the biggest and kindest heart and would do anything for the ones he loved. He was a truly a beautiful person inside and out and for those of us who were lucky enough to know him, it was an honor to call him a friend. He had so much left to accomplish and contribute to this earth. He was taken much too soon and he will never be forgotten.

To my best friend and greatest protector
– Love,
Stephie bug

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