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A few weeks ago we lost our beautiful friend, the one, the only, Paula Zorgdrager. Our Zorg. She made me laugh so loud and so hard people would tell me they could hear our giggles ringing out across Swadini. The safari I went on with Zorg and Tim Hancock (her last) had us in constant stitches for 2 days straight. And that’s how it always was for me. She was sassy, smart, funny AF, fierce, uncompromising, ballsy, and free. She had a million nicknames and would have had a million more made up no doubt. One of those TV friends I don’t see regularly enough, but every time we did, we were instantly stuck together like glue. She made the most boring things fun. We once went into town in Hoedspruit and I ogled the paper bag she got from the chemist. She made out like she wouldn’t give it to me and then surprised me with it a few days later with an avocado inside, saying, “I can’t just give you an empty paper bag Kaz.” She was like that – kind and thoughtful and always taking things to the next level. She got excited to take photos of cows by the side of the road in Africa, the land of spotting rhinos and big cats. SHE LOVED MUSIC, I LOVED MUSIC. I wish I’d let her take control of the tunes more, and stop being such a hog. She felt things deeply, she was stubborn as hell, she was turbo. She would get so angry at the shit offerings of vegetarian food for suckers on the night shift, and I would kick off and try to yell at Spanish caterers that don’t speak any English on her behalf. Our venty tendencies would often progress into the most spectacular rants, about the patriarchy, about the injustices, about the goddam lack of Swadini Netflix. But those rantings would inevitably turn to into a hunt for the perfect meme or the invention of a handy new catchphrase, bringing us back to the giggles. We were double trouble. She was always there for me and I hope I was always there for her.
I made this video for her and it’s the most difficult job I’ve ever taken on. Many times I thought I would not cross the finish line. I looked up to Zorg, she was not just a legend of a friend, she was a mentor, an inspiration, she reached the height of her craft as an editor and remained passionate about that until the very end. Which is why I wanted to do her proud with this.

It’s really hard to post because it feels so final.

I love you so hard Zorgy Porgy – you made it so easy. I’m gonna miss you something fierce.

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