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10 Cute & Funny Cat Mugs That Make Great Inexpensive Gift Ideas

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10 Cute & Funny Cat Mugs That Make Great Inexpensive Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for great inexpensive gift ideas for pet parents, you need to check out these funny cat mugs!

Each one comes in at under $20, making them perfect for Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchanges.

Throw in a couple of packets of hot cocoa or a sample-size bag of coffee, and voila- perfect gift idea!

Let’s check them out, then you can tell me which one is your favorite!

Cute & Funny Cat Mugs: Inexpensive Gifts for Cat Lovers

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Just a quick note before we check out these funny cat mugs:

Okay, now let’s check out these darling inexpensive gifts for cat lovers!

This is one of my son’s favorite cat coffee mugs on Amazon (and in our shop) because it combines his three current loves: anime, ramen, and cats!

If you love this kawaii kitty, check out some of our other cute anime cat gift ideas!

Need an inexpensive gift idea for that crazy cat lady in your life?

Are YOU the crazy cat lady in your life?

Either way, you need this cute cat coffee mug!

If you know someone who would rather stay home and cuddle up with their cat in front of the Hallmark channel this season, this is the mug for you!

It’s one of the cutest cat coffee mugs for Christmas, don’t you think?

Another one of my favorite Christmas cat coffee mugs, this one is perfect for us introverts who just want to pet the cat at parties!

One of my all-time favorite cat coffee mugs, even if it does seem like it’s made more for Halloween!

I’d happily drink my coffee out of this mug all year round!

Need an inexpensive gift idea for your daughter or niece?

This fun and colorful mug is perfect for all cat sisters!

If I didn’t have to do pesky things like pay the bills, I’d love to live this life!

Eat yummy food, take a nap, read a good book, then repeat! Sounds like bliss to me!

Grab this funny cat mug for that special guy in your life, and give him permission to fill it up with a tasty lager!

Don’t worry, if you plan on hiding a bit of vino in this mug, your secret is safe with me!

After all, it’s always 5 O’Clock somewhere, right?

I’m absolutely just a girl who loves cats (and dogs!), how about you?

I think the kitty graphics on this funny mug are just darling!

Having a hard time deciding on just one? Remember, if you buy from our shop, you can free shipping on order $50 and up! Grab yourself a couple of them! Don’t forget to check out all the other funny cat mugs, too!


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