Cats Protection Peter and Cottontail 14 Dec
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Cats Protection Peter and Cottontail 14 Dec

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Cats Protection Peter and Cottontail 14 Dec

Peter and Cottontail are 6 month old kittens who have never had a home. They were born to a stray cat and are only now beginning to get used to humans. At their foster home they even ended up sleeping on their carer’s bed! So clearly they’re fast learners. As you can see from this clip they’re very bright and curious but understandably extremely wary of people. While they’re clearly very playful, at the moment they need someone who won’t force them into closeness before they’re ready for it. It’s early days and while they’re too nervous to be touched right now, they’re fascinated by people who come to play. They do everything in tandem and are very very funny. You can meet Peter and Cottontail at North London Cats Protection any day but Tuesday. The adoption centre is open 11am-3pm (Thursdays 12pm-3pm). You can just drop in at 135 Junction Rd London N19 (a five minute walk from either Archway tube or Upper Holloway overground stations) or get in touch first on 0207 272 6048 or at You can find out more about adopting here :

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