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Funny Cat Videos That Will Betray In A ‘No Laughing Challenge’

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Funny Cat Videos That Will Betray In A ‘No Laughing Challenge’

Cats are incredible creatures. They can bring a natural relaxing sense of therapy in every home. They could be so sweet and charming. And they can even leave you laughing out loud! Read on for the best funny cat videos!

My kitties at home are one of my remedies when I am sad or when I’m having a bad day. Playing with them helps relieve my stress and frustration about all things life.

I thank my family for raising me in a pet loving family. If not for them, I wouldn’t discover the amazing feeling of being surrounded with pets.

I’m saying all this to point that these animals are important in my life. Whether I am lonely or not, they add a special flavor to my everydays.

And in every single day that I watch them grow, I take videos of them when they perform tricks. Or when they are just being silly or playful.

They’re so funny at times and they really bring joy to the family! I love them with all my heart. And my kids do too!

I hope one day I’ll find the time to edit my videos so I can also share it to the public. But for now, here I found a YouTube compilation of cat videos for you.

The kitties in the clip are so adorable! I want to take them home but of course I can’t. Their owners will hate me if I do.

So if you’re not in a happy mood today and trying your best to feel better, I strongly recommend you watch the video. But if you can’t, just let the gallery below show you a glimpse of the hilarious clip

Funny Cat Videos: 1

Cat looking for the light
Cat looking for the light

I feel sorry for this cat but it is so funny! This kitty is looking for the light. Everywhere he goes, it’s dark. Little he knows that his head is stuck inside a boot!

Funny Cat Videos: 2

Cat trying to pull put kittens from a container
Cat trying to pull put kittens from a container

This one is not too funny for me because I worried a bit if the container is safe for the kittens. But in this video, you will see the bigger cat trying to pull out the kittens from inside that plastic jar that’s originally a litter purifier. What’s funny here is how the little cats made their way in and out of that jug!

See the Cat Vs. A String on the next page!

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