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Hilarious pictures prove how cats can squeeze into the most awkward spaces | Daily Mail Online

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Hilarious pictures prove how cats can squeeze into the most awkward spaces | Daily Mail Online

You’re kitten me! Hilarious pictures prove how cats can squeeze into the most awkward spaces in the quest for the perfect resting spot

Cats are known to have a mind of their own, and these pictures prove just how determined our feline friends are to get their own way.

In a gallery compiled by Buzzfeed and found across Twitter, pet owners went online to share their cat’s funniest resting places, baffled by how they managed to squeeze into the tightest spots.

In one case two kittens decided a double bowl would be the most convenient place for them to settle down, while elsewhere a grumpy cat folded himself into a vase, and  another chose a violin case as the perfect sleeping area. 

We take a look at the most inconvenient – but apparently comfortable – places our furry pals have settled down in.

Comfy cat! This feisty feline crossed his paws as he decided to bed down for the night – in a very tight jar – much to his owner’s amusement

Double trouble! These two manic moggies decided that behind a glass shelf would be the place they would take some tine out in – together

Singing for his supper! This handsome chap opted to settle down in his owner’s violin case – and despite the surely uncomfortable shape looked quite at home

Curled up kittens! These two youngsters clearly hadn’t quite grasped the concept of their feeding bowls being for food and looked perfectly content as they slept inside them instead

A cat- astrophe! Despite managing to squeeze into a very tight folder this cat clearly had second thoughts when she realised her predicament – appearing with just its face poking out

What are you staring at? Elsewhere a cat apparently thought it was perfectly normal to bed down in a kitchen container, throwing a look of confusion towards its snap- happy owner

‘Comfort not withstanding!’ A Twitter user caught his moggy chilling in a small laundry basket by the bookshelves with a rather nonchalant expression on his face 

Twitter user Hester posted a picture of his cat writing: ‘This is Ron. He likes containers and he will fit’, with four snaps showing the determined feline squeezing into a basket 

‘If I fits I sits!’ One proud pet owner posted a snap of both their kittens squeezed into two small bowls looking extremely comfortable

‘Portia let me have some private bowl time!’ This Twitter user joked about his grumpy looking cat who apparently was trying to grab a private moment

‘This is so cat!’ Twitter user Peter exclaimed sharing a picture of his snoozing feline cramped into a small box in his sitting room

A very tight squeeze! Elsewhere an Instagram user posted a  picture of a frazzled looking creature who clearly wasn’t sure if he had made the right move squeezing into this box

Cat on a couch! This moggie was clearly in cat heaven as it stretched its limbs as long as he could and looked as though he was about to fall to the floor in this amusing snap

Cat got your tongue? This cat clearly thought it blended in perfectly with the fruit bowl as it relaxed in a decorative vase atop a kitchen counter – much to its owner’s despair 

Hilarious pictures prove how cats can squeeze into the most awkward spaces

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