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Hot Guys, a FREE book, a Cute Cat, and Beauty News

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Hot Guys, a FREE book, a Cute Cat, and Beauty News

My very funny book — Cupcakes, Pies, and Hot Guys — is free for a limited time.


“…This was a fantastic read, keeping my attention and imagination going till the end of the book.” Amazon Reviewer.

“I loved this book…my first by this author.” Amazon Reviewer.

Annie Graceland’s a baker with a pinch of psychic ability. She’s empathic – can feel other people’s lusts and desires in her own body. But Annie’s recently acquired a spookier skill – she can see and talk to ghosts. And much to her dismay, they also talk to her – nagging her incessantly to solve their murders.

Annie’s happily dating hunky Detective Raphael Campillio in Los Angeles, when her mom signs her up to be a judge at Wisconsin’s first annual Hot Guys Contest. Who cares if it’s 4th of July weekend with scorching temperatures? It’s a free trip home to Wisconsin. What could possibly go wrong?

When hometown hot guy, Mr. Oconomowoc, is killed and doesn’t pass to the Afterlife, he begs Annie to investigate his murder. Now she’s not only a pageant judge, but also meddling with a motley crew of suspects.

It doesn’t help that Detective Jamie Ryan, a boy from Annie’s past, is all grown up, sexy as sin, and determined to make her fall for him. Going back home can be sweet as frosting or worse than a cake wreck. The temperature’s rising at the Hot Guys Contest….

The big sale is on 3/25/16 with BOOKBUB. 

But in the meantime you can find Hot Guys for FREE here:

This book sale ends midnight on 3/28/16. So grab your Hot Guys now!

Pam hair 3:16:16In Hair News, here’s the update from 3/16/16. We’re still weaving in the blonde with the silver. I’m loving it.

In Cat News:

Romeo the Bengal has starting sleeping with me on chilly nights. Unfortunately he hogs the bed, and wakes me up by stabbing me with one claw if I accidentally bump into him. Lola-BirdwatchingLola the Black Cat has taken up birdwatching from the kitchen window.

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