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Lots of beautiful cats in search of homes – Berwick Advertiser

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Lots of beautiful cats in search of homes – Berwick Advertiser

Last week was very busy and we’re delighted to say that lots of cats have gone off to their new homes.

We have been full with cats from lots of multi-cat households, which has led to a lot of extra pressure on the cattery.

Despite lots of cats going home, we still have lots more, and all beauties.

We have two ginger boys, 18-month-old Rumpol and five-year-old Cookie.

Dolly, Daisy, Khaleesi, Rose and Cleo are tabby girls ranging from 18 months to about seven years, except for Rose who is probably touching double figures.

Tiger is a deep, rich coloured torti, while Clover is a gentle, black and white girl. Some of these cats, we know, have been around a dog.

We have a few Jack Russel types in. Ritchie came in as a stray and is probably a similar age to Buster, who was also originally a stray. Both are full of life and energy and need a home that will match their personalities.

Another youngster, around 18 months, is a bouncy boy called Jack. He is a lab-cross so very bright.

Gypsy is equally as bright and would really benefit from a home with a job.

Lacey is a gorgeous lurcher and light brindle and white, with stunning eyes. She is very loving, loves to play and will make a great addition to the right home.

Flynn is a small lurcher/whippet type-cross who has had no interest, sadly probably because he is black, with a little bit of white.

Rebus is such a friendly rabbit that we find it strange he has had no interest. He will make a great family pet with his nosy little ways, as well as an entertaining one.

The two groups of three guineas are such chatty little things who can hear us cutting the vegetables up from a very long way away.

The raffle tickets for our Christmas hamper raffle are still on sale and proving very popular.

With some stunning hampers, why not pop a ticket in a card to give a loved one a potential extra treat at Christmas for just £1?


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